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Adding Demand Sources


This article guides you through the steps of how to configure your placements.

Before starting this process ensure you have performed the following:

  1. Logged in to the with your User Name and Password, here.
  2. Added an app
  3. Created Placements for your app
  4. Configured your app Placements


Before adding a demand source, you must retrieve parameters from the various networks' dashboards.

Comprehensive mediation configuration guides for each network can be found here.

Adding the Demand Sources

Now that you have added an App to the and a Placement, the next step is to add Demand Sources.

FairBid offers three types of Demand Sources:

Select the type of Demand Source that you want to configure, and follow the steps below:

Once you have completed the steps above and successfully configured your app placements, you can begin to add your demand sources.

  1. Log in to your account
  2. On the select click Apps and either select your app or search for it using the search field.
  3. On the left menu bar, click Demand Sources

The Demand Source window opens

  1. Depending on the Demand Source you want, select the appropriate tab


  1. Toggle the required Mediated Network to On
    The configuration settings for your network are displayed.
  1. Enter the requested parameter information, such as App ID or SDK Key (each network requires different details).


The publisher can rename an instance later on, if required. However, the instance name cannot be deleted.

  1. Click Add.


To complete the set up you must associate the network instance that you just created to the relevant Placement that you configured. For a detailed guide click here.

Programmatic Mediation

  1. Toggle the required Programmatic Mediated Network to On
    The configuration settings for your network are displayed.
  1. Select the placement type and enter the credentials.

  2. Add additional Network Instances if required and click Add and then click Save

The active Programmatic Mediated Networks are displayed:


If you are setting both Mediation and Programmatic Mediation for a demand partner, you must use a different Instance ID for each one.


All Fyber Marketplace’s programmatic demand partners are listed. They are enabled by default.

You have now completed all the steps needed to begin monetizing your app.

Make sure you have visited the Fyber Payments page to add your billing details.

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Adding Demand Sources

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