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Instances and Manual Prioritization


As part of the set up process for your Placement, you can define Ad Network Instances and arrange them in order of preference within the console.

Prioritizing Ad Networks

Once you have configured your placement, using the instructions here, follow the steps below to prioritize the order of the Ad Networks.

  1. In the Configure Placement window, click + Ad Network Instance
  1. Select the Ad Network you want to add

Ad Networks that have already been configured are displayed at the top of the dropdown menu.

Networks that have not yet been configured appear under New Demand.

  1. Enter the required parameters for that Ad Network and click Save.
  1. Enter the Ad Network Instance


If you have not yet configured Mediated Networks, you must do so in order to add instances.

For details on creating Ad Network Instances, click here.

  1. From the dropdown menu select the Bidding Type.
  • Automatic CPM works using Fyber's price prediction algorithm
  • Manual CPM uses the values entered manually


For multiple instances with different prices, it is recommended to use Fixed CPM.

  1. Once you've finished configuring the instance, click Add.

Each configured Ad Network Instance appears, by default, under the Auto Optimized

  1. Click and drag the Ad Network you want to manually prioritize into the Manual Prioritization section


Setting manual prioritization overrides all instances under Auto Optimized and is not available for Programmatic Mediation partners.

  1. Rearrange the Instances in the Manual Prioritization section by dragging and dropping them in the order you want them to be prioritized.

  2. Add additional instances, if required by clicking on Ad Network Instance.

The order set in the manual prioritization, is the order in which the instances are called, before moving to instances under the Auto Optimized section.


Essentially, you can create multiple instances for each Ad Network and prioritize them in this section.

  1. Click the menu icon (three vertical dots) of each Ad Network to either Edit, Deactivate or Remove it.

Ad Networks (Instances) that are deactivated automatically move to the auto-optimization section. Clicking Remove, disconnects the Ad Network Instance from the Placement.

You have now successfully added and prioritized the ad networks (instances).

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Instances and Manual Prioritization

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