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Creating Ad Placements for Your Apps


Now that you are signed up to Fyber and have added an app to the , the next step in the process is to add Ad Placements.

What is an Ad Placement?

An ad placement refers to a location within your app where ads can be displayed. This location might be, for example, on your Start screen, on the Game Over screen or the bottom or top bar of the app.

For each ad placement, you can define a specific ad format, configuration and delivery rules to maximize performance.

You must have at least one ad placement to monetize your app.

Adding your Ad Placement

To start adding your ad placement:

  1. Log in to your account, here.
  2. On the Dashboard, click Apps on the left menu

The opens

  1. Select the app you added previously
  2. Click + Placement
    The Select Placement Type window opens

Once you have completed creating your ad placement, you are presented with the following window.

Click Advanced Settings to continue the process.

See below for a detailed description of each Ad Placement.

Ad Placement Options

There are three Placement Options:

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Creating Ad Placements for Your Apps

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