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Configuring Your Placements


This article takes you through the steps of how to configure your placements.

Before starting this process ensure you have performed the following:

  1. Login to the with your User Name and Password.
  2. Added an app
  3. Created Placements for your app

Configuring the Placements

From the click the menu icon and then click Edit

The Configure Placement window opens.

Your placement, Placement Name and Placement ID appear at the top of the window.


You can target a specific audience that is exposed to ads running on this Placement.

  1. Toggle Targeting to On
  2. Select at least one country


Set at least one option (Country or Network Connection), or turn the toggle off.

  1. Select network connection option

Floor Price

Floor prices indicate to buyers the minimal price at which you are willing to sell your inventory. By default, it is set to $0.01 for all countries. A floor price must be at least $0.01 or higher otherwise an auction cannot be held. All floor prices are in US dollars.

Bids below this minimum price are discarded.

  1. Enter a floor price
  2. Select countries and set a different eCPM floor price for them

Capping and Pacing

Under Advanced Settings, you can configure the number of times an impression is made and pace the number of times it is shown:



Limit the number of impressions per second / minute / hour / day


Set the pace for the maximum number of ad impressions per second / minute / day / hour


You are prompted to confirm this choice before continuing to save your set-up.

Mediated Demand Sources

The Mediated Demand Sources section allows you to add specific rules to instances of Mediated networks or Programmatic Mediation networks that you have configured.


If you have not already configured a network instance, click here.

By default there are no restrictions on any of the network instances.

To configure a Mediated Demand Source:

  1. Toggle the Ad Network Instances to On
  1. Enter the details of the Ad Network
  1. Select the Ad Network Instance
  2. Set the limits for Capping and Pacing
  3. Select the countries to Include or Exclude
  4. Click Add for another Ad Network -or-
  5. Click Save.

You have now successfully added placements to your .

The next step is to add Demand Sources.

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Configuring Your Placements

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